Whiskey Release Party

Saturday, September 23 at NOON

Stranahan’s is celebrating Denver Beer Week with the launch of a brand new Distillery Exclusive – Colorado Brewer’s Cask. The Colorado Brewer’s Cask is a limited edition American Single Malt that incorporates finishes of several local beer casks. The featured beer casks include imperial stout + porter casks from River North Brewery, stout casks from Jagged Mountain Brewery, and barleywine casks from Banded Oak Brewing. 

With the release, Stranahan’s will feature live music and a food truck on their patio on Saturday, September 23. 750ml bottles of our latest Distillery Exclusive will go on-sale starting at noon. 750ml bottles are $69.99. 

Distillery Exclusive Colorado Brewer’s Cask is a limited edition American Single Malt available exclusively at the Stranahan’s distillery, while bottles last.


Featured entertainment:

Live music by Derek Dames Ohl (12pm – 2pm) + Many Mountains (5pm – 7pm)

About the Colorado Brewer’s Cask:

Distillation: Distilled from 100% malted barley and handmade in small batches at the Stranahan’s distillery.

Initial Maturation: Ranging from 6-8 years in virgin American Oak with a #3 char.

Finish: After the initial maturation, we lent all the breweries our barrels for them to age their own beers, and they returned them to us to re-fill with Stranahans American Single to finish for a range of 1 to 3 more years.

Cut: Cut to 90 proof with pristine Rocky Mountain water from Eldorado Springs.

Nose:  Biscotti, cocoa powder, gingerbread

Palate: Round & coating mouthfeel, malt balls, coffee cake and toffee

Finish: Balanced heat that accompanies dry, crisp maltiness familiar in dark beers.


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