Distillery Exclusive: Bushmills Irish Cask

The Story

Stranahan’s is always testing, tasting, and tinkering until we come up with something special. And here we have it: An American Single Malt whose flavors transcend geography. After being aged in American oak barrels for 4 years, we finished the whiskey in Bushmills Irish single malt barrels for more than 3 years, providing a unique and complex profile that would make an Irishman blush.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Butterscotch, cereal sweetness, and well-oiled leather
Palate: Earthy grain flavors are accented with hints of toffee
Finish: Buttery palate leads into a light, but long, finish

While we maintain the quality and base standards of each batch, no two batches are precisely the same. Every barrel is unique and imparts it’s own characteristics onto the final product.

About Distillery Exclusives

The Bushmills Single Malt Cask is a Distillery Exclusive, which is what we call our premium, cask-finished American single malts that are cut-to-94 proof with Rocky Mountain water from Eldorado Springs. The line of Distillery Exclusive whiskies are limited releases available in 750ml bottles, found exclusively at the Stranahan’s Denver distillery.


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