Don’t miss out on securing a bottle of 2023 Snowflake!


The most legendary release in whiskey is back! Snowflake Batch #26 will officially go on-sale exclusively at the Stranahan’s distillery on Saturday, December 2 with Snowflake Village kicking off on Friday, December 1.

The lore of Snowflake has grown over the last decade with Stran-a-fans eagerly waiting up to 24 hours to get their hands on this ultra-limited American Single Malt. Bottles historically sell out within hours, so don’t miss out on your chance to secure a piece of whiskey history!

About Snowflake Whiskey

Snowflake is an annual winter bottle release that showcases an array of rare and worldly cask finishes harmonized in one bottle of American Single Malt. As in nature, no two Snowflakes are alike, and each year features an entirely new iteration.

Snowflake Camping

As with tradition, guests will be able to camp at the Stranahan’s distillery days before the official bottle release. Each guest will receive a numbered wristband, which will secure their place in line on Saturday. Limited camping spots will be become available starting Thursday, November 30 at 9am. Once this area is full, we will not be able to accommodate additional campers until Friday. Remaining camping spots will open on Friday, December 1 at 9am.

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village is the hub for Stran-a-fans as they wait to secure their bottle. This year, Snowflake Village will feature a concert, games, cocktail bar, cigar experience, live ice sculpture, and more! Snowflake Village is covered by a massive tent with heating, but still dress for the winter weather! Check out the full programming + concert lineup below.


  • What is Snowflake?

    Snowflake is an annual winter release at Stranahan’s that showcases an array of rare and worldly cask finishes harmonized in one bottle of American Single Malt. As in nature, no two Snowflakes are alike. Each year features an entirely new iteration. Due to the scarcity of the barrels used, a limited amount of bottles are produced. Since it’s initial release in 2011, Snowflake has garnered global attention for it’s complexity, rarity, and fan fervor surrounding obtaining a bottle. As excitement for each new edition has grown over the years, a Snowflake Village has spawned to celebrate the release and express our gratitude to Stran-a-fans that wait long hours for the chance to get their hands on a bottle of one of the most sought after whiskeys in the world.

  • Can I camp leading up to the release?

    Yes! Select camping will become available at 9am on Thursday, November 30. Please note that this space is limited and we will do our best to accommodate setups. Once this area is full, we will not be able to accommodate additional campers until Friday, December 1st at 9am.

  • Will parking be available? 

    Onsite parking will not be available. Alternative transportation is required. We will provide a loading area, but vehicles will not be able to park. We recommend carpool, Uber / Lyft or the nearby RTD transit lot.

  • How early can I arrive?

    A limited amount of designated long term camping spots will be available starting Thursday, November 30 at 9am in our annex parking lot across from the distillery. Guest will not be able to enter the permit before this time. Once these spots are full, guests will not be permitted to enter Snowflake Village until Friday, December 1. We will begin check-ins starting at 9am that day.

  • Is it free to enter Snowflake Village?

    Yes! Food and drink will be available for purchase. Live music and other programming will be free.

  • How large of tent can I bring? Can I bring my RV?

    We strongly encourage guest not to bring tents that are larger than a 6 person capacity. We cannot guarantee space will be available. Select RV spots will be available Thursday in the annex lot only.

  • Do I have to be 21 to enter the distillery property?

    Yes. Valid IDs will be required before checking into Snowflake Village.

  • How many bottles can I buy?

    Each guests will be able to buy up to two 750ml bottles.

  • What is the price of bottles?

    750ml bottles are $119.99 before taxes

  • What time will the bottle be released?

    As with tradition, we do not announce the start time of bottles sales until the day of the release.

  • How many bottles are available?

    Snowflake is one of our rarest releases. Only a limited amount of bottles are produced and will be available to purchase. Historically, bottles sell out the day it is released.

  • Can I order online or reserve a bottle?

    No – Snowflake will continue to only be available on a first come, first to receive basis at the Stranahan’s distillery. It it not sold anywhere else.

  • How early do I need to arrive to receive a bottle?

    We can’t say for certain, but Snowflake typically sells out within the day of the actual release. We will provide updates day-of via Instagram and Facebook. Please follow our channels for the most up to date communication.

  • Can I leave and re-enter the line?

    No, unless you are willing to forfeit your spot in line. At arrival, you will be given a numbered wristband. This will confirm your spot in line and allow you to explore the various festivities around the distillery that will be available leading up to the actual release. If you leave the festival grounds, you will not be permitted to re-enter the event with your existing spot in line.

  • Are dogs allowed?

    Due to the nature of the event, only service animals are permitted in Snowflake Village and the distillery.

  • Will the Visitor Center be open to the public during the festivities

    Public tours will not be available during festival hours, but the Lounge and General Store will remain open to all guests.

  • Looking for a festival map?

    A map of the festival, including a schedule of events will be released in mid-November. Sign up for our email to be the first to hear about all announcements!

  • What else should I know prior to arriving?

    Dress for the weather! Colorado weather can be unpredictable. It may be 10 degrees and snowing or it may be 65 degrees and sunny. This is almost entirely an outdoor experience and you should prepare to be exposed to the elements.

    Come prepared for the amount of time you are choosing to wait. If you are arriving early on Friday, we recommend bringing coverage and comfortable seating for your designated area.

    Weapons, drugs and outside alcohol are strictly prohibited. If weapons or drugs are found on your possession, you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed into our property through the remainder of the festivities.

    Don’t forget your ID! You will be carded regardless of age.

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